DS Chapter 91-92

Under the bright sunshine, Ling Haofeng looked at the young girl sitting on the reef from under the coconut tree.

    He heard that she was very ill, and she was lying on the bed for three days, and she couldn’t get out of bed and walk until today. Ling Haofeng and Su Lingxin has been together for three years. He has never seen her, who always looks alive and well, get sick. He is extremely worried but he also afraid to see her

    Ling Haofeng thought about leaving, but he was reluctant to leave … If he left again, maybe he would never see Su Lingxin again in this life.

    Love can make people extremely brave and strong, but it can also make people become weak and helpless.

    Su Lingxin raised her hand, the shell bounced twice on the sea, and was then swallowed up by the waves and disappeared.

    She had a fever for two days, her jaw became sharper, and her original healthy body seemed to have been drained of a layer of fat, and became a bit weak, especially her slightly sad face, that expresses tenderness and contemplation. The beauty is more like the former Mrs. Rose.

    “Ms. Su’s mother was very beautiful. I heard that Mr. Su specially built a rose manor for his wife. I originally thought that if I had the opportunity to leave this area, I would go to the legendary manor and take a look at the beautiful Madam Rose, unfortunately … I was not able to. “On the coast, Mossher and Gu Shaoxuan walked slowly towards the sea breeze.

    “Want to see Mrs. Su’s picture?” Gu Shaoxuan laughed and asked in English.

    “Do you carry it with you?” Mosher saw Su Rui’s family portrait once, but Su Rui was too cautious in doing things, so he didn’t give him a chance to look at it again. The family portrait just passed by, and he vaguely remembered the beauty of Lady Rose.

    “Of course.” Gu Shaoxuan looked at the girl sitting on the reef in the distance, and pulled out a necklace from his pocket. Inside was the pendant containing the photo. The front was rose and the reverse was Su Rui.

    Rose’s eyes are always covered with a layer of sorrow and pity, which is the opposite of Su Rui’s firm and sharp eyes.

    “She’s so beautiful.” Mossher sighed again at the oriental woman.

    “Otherwise, why would the old man want to keep her by all means?” Gu Shaoxuan still smiled and said lowly.

    “All means?” Mossher turned to look at Gu Shaoxuan.

    “It should be that he did everything to keep her.” Gu Shaoxuan corrected himself.

    Su Lingxin turned her head and saw the two figures approaching her side. She immediately stood up and walked to the tall coconut grove on one side, not wanting to meet Gu Shaoxuan.

    “Ms. Su doesn’t seem to be very friendly to you.” Mossher said when he saw Su Lingxin leaving.

    “She is not friendly to anyone.” Gu Shaoxuan narrowed his eyes and looked at her back. “She is a hedgedog that is hard to reach.”

“Hedgehog? Haha!” Mossher laughed, and seemed to think that the description was quite rigth.  “If she is a hedgehog, you can trap her on a cage..”

    “Yes, I’m trying to.” Gu Shaoxuan’s lips flashed slightly, then the words flashed, “I’m going to leave here tomorrow, because I have other jobs, so I can’t stay here for a long time. “

    “Then make Miss Su stay for a few more months. I think if her character is a pirate … “

    “Father Su really would crawl out of the grave and take her away.” Gu Shaoxuan didn’t understand why Mosher was so obsessed with making Su Lingxin a pirate. She was the only blood of Di Tian. If she were to be a pirate, everyone would laugh and die.

    “No, I like hedgehogs very much. Leave her to me.” Mossher had three sons and always wanted a daughter. It would be great if Su Lingxin could be his daughter.

    “I won’t leave her to anyone.” Gu Shaoxuan smiled and looked at Mosher.

    “Well, the heir chosen by Mr. Su …” Mossher saw Gu Shaoxuan’s eyes and shook his head. This young man is estimated to be more difficult to deal with than Su Rui.

    Su Lingxin walked quickly in the coconut woods. This island is very beautiful, especially the old castle, full of the solemn elegance of the 16th century. It is completely unthinkable that pirates will live in this kind of place.

    Su Lingxin stopped suddenly at the edge of the labyrinth made of green plants outside the castle.

    “Come out,” Su Lingxin said lowly.

    The wind blew from the green vegetation, with the scent of grass and trees and the unique fresh taste of the seaside, the air was peaceful.

    “Ling Haofeng, come out.” Su Lingxin closed her eyes, raised her voice slightly, and said again.

 “Do you still want to play hide and seek?” Su Lingxin thought to herself that she and Ling Haofeng would play hide and seek at dusk. In fact, it was not a teenager’s game. Children only liked such childish things, but she and Ling Haofeng were happy.

    They like to find each other, to guess each other’s minds, to find each other under the flower vine or the roof by a certain rockery.

    Su Lingxin gritted her teeth and turned towards the maze.

    Ling Haofeng stood behind the green barrier of the labyrinth, clenching his fists tightly, the expression on his face was cloudy, a little nervous.

    “Ling Haofeng, if you were caught by me this time …” Su Lingxin walked in the maze of green vegetation while searching, his voice gradually lowered, “You better not be caught by me, it is best to hide from me like this forever.”

    Ling Haofeng and her were only separated by one meter wide of green vegetation, but in the maze, this distance of one meter, I don’t know how many turns to go to arrive.

    As long as she took the wrong step in the middle, Su Lingxin could not find him.

    “You really liked me before, haven’t you?” Su Lingxin stopped suddenly and asked a little sadly.

    Ling Haofeng reached out and covered his eyes. If he changed to the past, Su Lingxin would directly say-you just like me, and really like me!

    She should have been confident, rather than asking him with such doubts and uncertainties.

    “You should still like me now … but not to the point where you can die with me …” Su Lingxin’s voice seemed to be very close to him, came from the air, and broke into directly with the sound of heavy objects landing in his ears.

    Ling Haofeng let go of her hand and looked at Su Lingxin who suddenly appeared in front of him. How did she come here?

    A bamboo pole was placed on the other side of the vegetation and trembled in the wind. Su Lingxin borrowed this thin and long bamboo pole and flew from the air.

    She is the kind of person who knows that the target is ahead and will go forward bravely and directly break the wall and rush towards the target.

“Ling Haofeng, I don’t want to admit my failure in front of Gu Shaoxuan. He said that I reached out to the wrong person, but I think you are the right person …” Su Lingxin stretched out her hand to Ling Haofeng again, “I didn’t choose wrong, right?”

    Ling Haofeng looked at her hand stretched out to him again, her eyes flashing with painful expression.

    For him, the most painful thing in the world is that his beloved girl stood in front of him and stretched out a trusting hand to him, but he couldn’t hold it.

    “What are you afraid of?” Su Lingxin looked at Ling Haofeng’s eyes, and according to her previous temperament, maybe she would fight him now, “You have never been so weak before, didn’t you say you want to give me happiness? Now I want you to exchange your words quickly! “

    Ling Haofeng still stared at her white and flawless hand, without moving.

    Su Lingxin slowly lowered her hand, she should not give Ling Haofeng a second chance and let him severely hurt her feelings again.

    Seeing his refusal that day, Su Lingxin should tightly close her heart and not allow him to have another chance to refuse again.

    But who made him so special in her life, so that she always wanted to seize the goodness, and went to hold back against her own nature …

    Su Lingxin smiled suddenly, and could not help but be sad, she feels that Ling Haofeng is becoming more and more unfamiliar. From his face to his eyes, he is unfamiliar.

    “Am I too wayward?” When Su Lingxin said this, she turned around, turned her back to the sun, and walked to the other side of the green screen. “I want someone to accompany me on adventures, or even to accompany me when I’m going to die … I’m so wayward … “

    Ling Haofeng watched Su Lingxin go further and further back, and suddenly ran towards her, hit her back, and held her tightly.

    “I am with you!” Ling Haofeng spit out three words in a low voice.


    In the interior of the 16th century castle, the gorgeous decoration and texture itself are incompatible with the word “pirate”. In addition, the black strong man like Moshel speaks in American English while drinking red wine. It was supposed to be a place where the count lived, not the old pirate’s den.

    Su Lingxin doesn’t seem to have much energy, but her eyes are obviously energetic, and she feels strength when looking somewhere.

    The pirates repeat the same thing every day–drinking.

    When they do not go to sea without receiving a big list, they are living such a drunk and dreaming life every day.

    The money that was spent looting luxury cruise ships a few days ago was enough for them to spend the rest of their lives.

    It’s just that people’s greed is endless. If you don’t finish your life, you will think about the second half of your life.


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