DS Chapter 93-94

Su Lingxin was sitting quietly next to Gu Shaoxuan. She seemed to have said everything to her favorite person, so she seemed lonely and indifferent to others.

    “Ms. Su, do you like it here?” Mossher asked with a smile, “Do you want to stay?”

    “I can’t be the master.” Su Lingxin looked around at the pirates who drank and drank, and finally turned to Moshell’s face and also answered in English.

    Whether she stays or not depends on Gu Shaoxuan’s mood.

    “Although it’s good here, I can’t stop thinking about it.” Gu Shaoxuan held the wine glass to his lips and said with a smile, “You still have to go back to Di Tian.”

    “Yes, I have to go back.” Su Lingxin reached out and gently stroked the cup. The foot cup, under the crystal lamp, the goblet reflects the transparent light.

    Gu Shaoxuan glanced at her, maybe because of the crystal lamp, his eyes reflected very bright, like a cluster of flames jumping inside.

    “I’m a little sleepy, I’ll go back to rest first.” Su Lingxin lowered her knife and fork, stood up, and said.

    “Stay with me for a while.” Gu Shaoxuan stretched his arms.

    Su Lingxin’s murderous glance immediately glanced at him with his arm around her, but did not immediately appear in front of her father’s former friends.

    “I’m tired and want to rest.” Su Lingxin said to Gu Shaoxuan in her mother tongue, her tone became very hard.

    “Then I will accompany you back.” Gu Shaoxuan seemed to compromise, and said a few seconds later.

    “No, I can find the room.” Su Lingxin seemed impatient and wanted to wave Gu Shaoxuan’s hand.

    “It’s so big here, I’m afraid you’re in the wrong room.” Gu Shaoxuan smiled slightly and pushed her back to her seat. “You’re leaving soon. You can also chat with Uncle Moss. He likes you very much.”

    Su Lingxin bit her lips, sitting in a chair with an annoyed stomach but could not vent.

    “Miss Su is uncomfortable again?” Mosher called Su Lingxin Miss. Su, as if it was his closest name.

    “Eating too much will always make you sleepy, but going to bed immediately is not good for her body, and let her sit and digest.” Gu Shaoxuan looked at Su Lingxin with a smile and answered for her.

    “You’ve been lying in bed a few days ago and haven’t played hard. Now you’re about to leave. Mr. Gu, you are really in a hurry.” Mossher said with regret.

    “My dad must have a deep friendship with you, right?” Since Su Lingxin couldn’t get away, she simply asked Mossher.

    Mossher froze slightly, and then laughed: “Of course! Do you still need to ask? Without Mr Su, there would be no Mossher today.”

    “You see if everything here is beautiful? But Ten years ago, it was full of spider webs. It was just a run-down abandoned castle. There were ghosts floating around at night. There was only one bed left in the room where your dad lived, and the windows were broken at night. The sea breeze poured in and made a whine … “Mossher began to describe Su Lingxin excitedly, because Su Lingxin was sick, and those things at that time had not had time to tell her.

    The night was getting deeper and deeper, the sea breeze blew through the woods, the castle was still brightly lit, and the staggering laughter was rising inside.

    Mosher is still remembering the past, some people are drunk, they slide from the wine table to the next table, and some people stand on the table with wine bottles and started to dance.

    Knocking fork and knife under the table … Su Lingxin experienced such a wonderful night for the first time, but her attention did not seem to be on the pirate’s dinner, but elsewhere.

    “Mr. Su is a very charismatic person, a very learned person, a gentleman, and very clever … he gave me a book, a very good book, called …” Capital ” … “Mossher was obviously a little drunk, because he began to tongue out and his eyes gradually blurred.

    The pirate leader made his fortune in The Capital?

    Su Lingxin couldn’t help but glanced at Gu Shaoxuan. He always leaned on the dining chair and drank. Now there are two empty bottles in front of him. Su Lingxin doesn’t know if he will be drunk.

    She expected him to get drunk, and it would be better to be drunk and unconscious.

    “Mr. Gu, don’t stop and continue drinking.” While Mossher was telling the story drunk, he could also pay attention to the empty glass of his companions.

    The rum shakes in Gu Shaoxuan’s hands. He is also listening to Mosher telling the previous story, but the eyes that are reflected by the light of the crystal lamp was empty, making people not know what he is thinking.

    “Your dad is particularly fond of flowers. I have never seen a man like flowers so much … and animals. He loves those little animals …” Mossher drank too much, and his laughter was a little rough.

 “My dad once established an animal protection fund. He said that animals need to be cared for just like humans.” Su Lingxin said, her heart suddenly turned sour. She used to have such a good father, but now she is alone and lacks caring.

    “Yes, he told me … Nature is a perfect balance, but many attempts to disrupt it, he hopes to do his best to protect the world … Sounds great, doesn’t it? And it’s incredible … but he I really did that, with money, with heart, with all kinds of methods … “Mossher leaned back in his seat and shook his head. “Then, I told him … when I have money, I want to maintain world peace … and then I found out how difficult it is for one to follow his heart and will … When there is a lot of money, I am a robber leader … I really hope to see Mr. Su again … “

    Gu Shaoxuan raised his glass and touched Mosher’s glass.

    “It’s late, it’s time to rest.” Gu Shaoxuan knew how long he had been drinking, and Mossher was already drunk.

    After drinking the last sip in the glass, Gu Shaoxuan raised Su Lingxin and stood up, saying good night to the drunk Mosher.

    Subsequently, Gu Shaoxuan and Su Lingxin walked through the crowd who were carnival every night and went upstairs.

    “Are you drunk too?” Su Lingxin felt Gu Shaoxuan’s footsteps float slightly, she asked on the long walkway.

    “Do you want me to be drunk?” Gu Shaoxuan reached out and pushed the door open, and pulled Su Lingxin in, a pair of eyes stared brightly at her.

    “I only care if you throw up on the bed.” Su Lingxin blinked and said.

    “Little liar … you are lying to me.” Gu Shaoxuan stared at her for a while and slowly approached her, “Do you only care if I will stain the sheets?”

    Su Lingxin took a step back, avoiding his breath, and said calmly: “What else to worry about?”

    “Don’t worry I’ll replace you with a bed sheet …” Gu Shaoxuan knew in his heart that if he touched her, he would stain her, so he didn’t say it later, but fluttered forward. And overwhelmed her on the bed.

    “Ah … Gu Shaoxuan, my waist is broken …” Su Lingxin did not expect that the drunk manpower was so uncontrollable, she was overwhelmed, her waist hit the edge of the bed, frowning painfully, and pushing him desperately.

    “It’s just right, you can’t run away …” Gu Shaoxuan’s soft lips were pressed against her neck, and the slight scent of wine spit in her neck with the breath, making her feel itchy.

    “Gu Shaoxuan, what are you going to do?” Su Lingxin suddenly grabbed his hand that struck him, her face tense.

    “You know a man is very excited when he is drunk … That’s why there is a word drunken sex.” Gu Shaoxuan said as he unbuttoned the copper buckle on her pants.

    “Don’t! You … you will spit on me!” Su Lingxin couldn’t hold his hands, could not help but clamp her legs, and shouted nervously.

    “Spit … ha …” Gu Shaoxuan suddenly laughed, and for the first time she made excuses at such times.

    She used to refuse or face it with silence, but today she made an excuse.

    “You can’t today… I… it’s the time of the month…” Su Lingxin felt his fingers coming out of the bottom of his trousers, and gently sniffing in the secret place, she trembling, a little want to go crazy, shook her head and pushed hard.

    “Is this a compromise? Or is it deceiving?” Gu Shaoxuan heard her say “change the day,” and his smile was stronger, but with a hint of coldness that could not be said, “Liar liar, open your legs obediently. “

    Su Lingxin bit her lip tightly, and her brain was about to form a paste. She couldn’t think of any way to stop him.

    Just when she was going crazy, Gu Shaoxuan, who had been kissing her neck, stopped suddenly.

    After resting for a while, the sound of even breathing sounded in Su Lingxin’s ear.

    Su Lingxin lay down stiffly for half a minute. After half a minute, it was determined that the man who was just like a wolf was trying to do that kind of thing … fell asleep.

    Unsure of the fact of such dog blood, Su Lingxin lay still for half a minute, listening to the shapely and long breathing, Su Lingxin once again concluded that Gu Shaoxuan was drunk and fell asleep on her body.

    Although Su Lingxin was determined, she did not move. She inherited her father’s meticulous mind. At this time, she was still analyzing the expression and tone of Gu Shaoxuan.

    Gu Shaoxuan, when he first entered the room, those gloomy eyes were dazzling. Because of his strong self-control, he would subconsciously control his speed and bite when he was numb by alcohol.

    Su Lingxin was sure that Gu Shaoxuan was really drunk. After a few minutes, she carefully pulled herself out of the drunk man.

    When she escaped from Gu Shaoxuan, Su Lingxin breathed a sigh of relief and walked lightly to the door.

    As soon as he reached the door, Su Lingxin suddenly turned her head back and glanced at Gu Shaoxuan, who was lying asleep on the bed.


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